Friday, June 27, 2008

"TGIF," By: Chris Wehkamp

My wife Sarah has been doing a fantastic job keeping the New World in step with our journeys.

But marriage is primarily concerned with division of labor, and so I have gamely volunteered to take over for this one.

Notice how cavalierly I bandy about the title 'wife?' Yes, wife; I said it. We've come to call ourselves 'wife' and 'husband' with growing comfort in the last few days. Owing largely to a steady stream of fruity alcoholic beverages.


We began our Friday by joining a group of more-or-less equally hapless tourists on a horse tour of the countryside.

Sarah's mount was a dashing and virile beast named Chingo. Mine was a dashing and virile beast with bladder control problems. Named Sandy. 

Our tour was concluded with a spirited gallop across the shore. The temptation to lead Sandy into the foamy deep, testing both our swimming ability and patience, was overwhelming. But in the thoughtful service to our marital bliss, I abstained. 

We returned for lunch and a quick inspection of our saddle-sore bottoms (nothing that some time won't heal) and set out on our second leg of the day: "Monkey Quest."

This is one of the most aptly-named excursions in history. We piled into a land rover (the first time either of us have encountered a land rover being used for it's intended purpose) along with our guide, some binoculars and a powerful Swarovsky telescope and set out.

Questing for Monkeys. Any monkeys, really, we weren't feeling too particular. 

And after an hour of bouncing across the Costa Rican "roads" we found them. A whole family, in fact. 

I devised a revolutionary method of documenting our new subjects. 

Our guide was quick to draw our attention to the alpha male of the group, who seemed to spend most of his time hooting excitedly or staring off. 

I have thusly deduced myself to be an alpha male also.

To sum up: I haven't seen or heard a car commercial in over four days, I have eaten and slept like an emperor for as long, and I have, for the first time ever in my life, said "TGIF" in a completely ironic context. 

Thank God It's Friday? I wish it were last Monday morning again.    

 TGIF to our family and friends back home. May your weekend be long!


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