Friday, June 27, 2008

Costa Rica, Day 4

So yesterday we took the only free tour Punta Islita has to offer...the trash tour.
It is supposed to be a tour about how the hotel recycles, but it ended up being a cultural trip into the town of Islita.

We learned a lot.

In Costa Rica there are 4 necessary ingredients for every town.

A school

A soccer field

A church

And a bar

Okay, so that's not a bar.  But it is a crazy cat mural.

And this, is the so called "mother-in-law" tree.

So named for its thorns sticking out. I can't say I would understand the naming of this tree as my mother-in-law is as sweet as a pot of sugar sitting on a pile of jelly beans.

Talking with the Ticos was great fun. They were taking a class to learn how to make pottery. I was more interested in all the little kids and dogs running around.

After the trip into town Chris and I came back to the hotel for more massages.
This time we had the reflexology massage for hands, feet and head.  It was very reflexive.

While waiting for our romantic dinner on the beach the rain began to fall.
Our spirits however didn't.

The sky finally cleared and we made our way to dinner.

Our dinner on the beach was an explosion of romance.

We were greeted at the beach with two glasses of champagne. The Senor took us to our table, about 30 yards from the surf. Our table was lit with candlelight and flanked on both sides with torches.

The sound of the waves crashing, the soft light, the exquisite food...

Just as we thought things couldn't get any better, out of the forest came a guitarist. He came to our table and sang us a few love songs.

Then, time for fire.

A honeymooners dream...

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