Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Costa Rica, Day 1

Welcome to the honeymoon of a lifetime.

I feel weird starting to write about the honeymoon without mention of the wedding, but we'll back-track when we get home.

For now I will say it was one of the most relaxing, emotional, perfect, happiest days of my life.  I could feel love in every direction I looked.  I got to say and listen to the most precious of vows from the man I love.
Nothing could have made the day any better.
Thank you to all of you.

Chris and I woke Monday at 4am.  By the time we got to Liberia, Costa Rica we were quite exhausted.

We took the longest, most dangerous, slippery rode, driving through small creeks and playing chicken with oncoming traffic, to end up at Hotel Punta Islita, paradise.

We were greeted with pina coladas and cold towels.

We took a nap and then had one of the best dinners of our lives.  (Thank you Wehkamps!)

Listened to the rain fall and went to sleep.

For anyone who might ask "why are you blogging on your honeymoon?"...I have a 4-fold answer.
1.  We love to keep in touch with everyone.
2.  We love to write and share photos.
3.  Our only other responsibilities are getting massages and eating.
4.  I'm still waiting for Chris to wake up.

P.S. Mom and Dad - we did have a few problems last night with our Fujitsu Inverter.


  1. Yeah! So glad you are there - enjoy it, as I know you are/will. Your wedding was beautiful and really fun. Thanks for getting married. See you when you get back.

  2. Great to hear from you two !! Can't wait to hear about the first ocean dive. Sarah - remember, don't look up - the pretty stuff is down below !! Hugs, Aunt Nancy

  3. S & C
    So happy you made it there safely. The place looks gorgeous and so does the food!! Are you staying there one or was it two years???
    Have a great time, oh, and thanks for the pics.


    Mom and Dad W.

  4. Reading your blog and seeing the pics has taken us back in time to our Punta Islita trip! What a wonderful place! Hope you've had fun reflecting on your amazing wedding day. We had so much fun that night and I'm still sore from all the dancing! They make the BEST pina coladas there - drink one for me! Love, Jenica