Monday, June 9, 2008


We went to the courthouse today to apply to get hitched.

$37 and the ability to write your name is all you really need.

It didn't take long, the ladies were really nice, and Chris got his first flash of nerves.

The moment quickly changed to laughter though as on our way out we noticed this lovely display case.

I would love to meet the guy that made it necessary for the sign "not for sale" to have to be printed.

After we got into the car I started reading the license...

You are hereby authorized to celebrate the rites of matrimony.
Christopher Allen Wehkamp
Sarah Renee Mathis"

And this of course begs the question, what are the rites of matrimony that we are now authorized to celebrate?
After the courthouse we went and got a bagel, surely that's not a rite of matrimony because we did that last Thursday without any licensing.

Do we get a discount at Pottery Barn now?

Do we have the rite to cut in line at the post office?

Do we get to preside over anything? I think we would be good presiders.

I'm going to go look into that...

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