Thursday, June 26, 2008

Costa Rica, Day 3

I'm typing in my backyard while listening to howler monkeys in the rainforest and glancing at the Pacific Ocean over my laptop screen. Chris says the monkeys sound a little bit like a Harley Davidson throwing up. They are apparently the loudest land animal on Earth.

Yesterday we managed to make it in time for breakfast.

We even had extra time before our tour to relax in our new backyard.

The zip-lining was a thrill. We felt like monkeys swinging through the forest. The first zipline was incredibly intense...we both had to work up the courage to try it.

But then we got in the "swing" of things...

I wish I could zipline everywhere. To work, to Target, to our parents houses.
Maybe someone could start working on that for us.

Chris was so good, I think a few monkeys mistook him for one of their own.

After making our graceful exit from the forest, the infinity pool beckoned us.

Swimming around without a care in the world...well, one care...but I'm not really sure being too lazy to swim over to the swim-up bar could really be called a care.

Really, it could only anger people back home that are sitting at their desks today.

When we did finally make it over to the swim-up bar, we found reason #274 to move here.

So come and visit us.

Chris, myself, the monkeys, and reason #274 will be waiting for you...

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  1. Ya the whole making people jealous who are sitting at their desks, very true. Pull out the roll-away, here I come!