Thursday, June 19, 2008

Out With the Old...

Yesterday while Chris was out bachelor-partying, I stayed at home and cleared a workspace for him.

The menfolk need their space to piddle and work, and just be messy.

In this case, the man needs space for a guitar, an amp, a mic, 50 lbs. of black plastic boxes with knobs and buttons (none of which I have the faintest idea what they do...)

You can see from the old apartment that plenty of space was going to have to made at Austin Ranch so two could live comfortably.

So while Chris watched the Rangers game, I made a trip to IKEA and carved out Chris's new workspace.
It had to be cheap, since we'll only be using it temporarily, and it had to have lots of compartments, hence the plastic drawer sidecar to the right.

It's got a great view out the window, low screen glare, sits back to back with my workspace/dinner table, is out of the bedroom so he can work those late hours he so loves...what can I say?
I'm a designer.

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