Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Costa Rica, Day 2

Please forward all our mail for the next two years to:
Chris and Sarah Wehkamp
Hotel Punta Islita, Costa Rica

As noted in the video (and please, if you're not already, anytime you see blue or purple words in the blog, go ahead and click on them to see moving pictures!), so yeah, yesterday after breakfast, Chris left his banana peel out in an attempt to attract some Costa Rican wildlife.

The day went by and nothing happened.

Last night we had pizza for dinner on our patio,  and yes, Chris added a piece of pizza to the tempting mix.
I just went to check on the trap, and the pizza is gone!  Chris doesn't know it yet (remember reason #4 of why it's easy to blog here?...) but he's going to be so excited!

Yesterday was a day of discoveries.

We were so tired when we got in on Monday, we didn't find much else other than our room and the restaurant.

But yesterday we found the spa

The jacuzzis

The best massage of our lives

The pool with views of the Pacific

The actual Pacific


Hermit Crabs

The Pacific was quite cruel.
The waves are large, the rocks sharp, Chris and I both got cut and I threw up a bit.

We're thinking maybe just chlorine water for awhile, till it's time to scuba.

Today we are going to discover:
the trash tour
and how to transfer all our funds over to Costa Rican banks.
Since we live here now and all.

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  1. Keep these puppies coming, Sarah and keep us posted on the food snatcher. I am at Caleb's parents' house - Caleb is at the cabin - so my morning reading of your blog is really adding to my relaxing vacation. Thanks, AGAIN, for getting married and going on a honeymoon to Costa Rica; this is really working out well for ME! =)