Monday, June 30, 2008

Costa Rica, Day 6

Saturday started as most days, no alarm clock, no immediate plans or traffic jams or morning news.
Chris and I rolled out of bed, ate our catered breakfast and decided today we were going to try our hands at golf.

We went to the gift shop to rent clubs, only to find out that the balls were $3 a pop. 
As I have only touched golf clubs twice in my life (and one of those times was because it was the closest weapon at my disposal when I was confronted with a spider in my parents garage), we decided $3 a ball was too rich for our blood.

So we went to the "driving range."  

Or hole number 6 if you're really paying attention to where you are.

Chris is a great teacher and I found myself to be a ready and competent student.
But nothing could have stopped the fight we were about to find ourselves in the middle of.

It was the first fight of our marriage.

Fortunately, as with all of our marital milestones, we were rolling tape.

We tried to get closer to the issue at hand and figure out what the fight was really about.

Sometimes there's really just no way to tell.

After such an intense fracas Chris and I retired to the ocean for some much-needed rest (it's been a hectic week).

Actually, Chris took to the ocean, I took to another pina colada.

After water time, Chris and I talked the Ticos into putting a DVD player in our room and we watched The Incredibles.

At night, the rains come.

There is only so much marital bliss that Chris and I can stand before we have to call in outside entertainment.

So we watched The Incredibles and went to sleep to the sound of the thunderstorm.

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