Thursday, January 31, 2008

Jack and the Witch

For Christmas, Chris wanted a DVD of a Japanese anime that he saw while on a family vacation back in 1986.

The movie got cut short when Chris's folks were ready to leave for dinner, thus Chris never got to see the end.

All he knew was that "The Witch" ended up being an evil robot and she had captured some boy named Jack. He's always wondered how the movie ended, so being the great fiancee that I am, I resolved to give him his wish.

I started in November and hunted for weeks for this thing.

Finally, I found the movie, Jack and the Witch. I went against all of Oprah's identity theft advice and gave my phone number to "John" in Idaho who promised to send me the film after the ice storm they were having.


But sure enough, it showed up on my doorstep one week later.

We finally watched it last weekend.

I have never laughed so hard at a cartoon in all my life.

At times I was completely lost and wanted to escape to the bedroom and read a book, but I hung in there.

At the end Chris looked at me and said "Yeah, I don't think that was the right movie."


I would have felt like a complete failure except that after the credits finished rolling Chris and I's attention was brought back to the screen where some kind of extra Japanese film began playing.

The quality is so-so because I got my TV in 1997.

And yes, the Christmas tree has since been taken down.

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