Tuesday, January 1, 2008

2008, Ain't It Great?

Happy 2008 to one and to many.

This year I broke tradition and actually made some resolutions.

The first resolution Chris and I kind of made together; we're going to train to run a 5K in March. I know a 5K sounds short to some of you fit folk, but I assure you, it is plenty for us.
We started today with a 27 min. walk/3 min. jog.
We were both winded at the end.

We noticed the park full of other resoluters, eager to get their run on. Never have I seen so many couples and families and kids all out on the jogging path.
Chris says most of the families were there to find a good place in the forest to leave their kids. Not an entirely insane idea as the holidays can really take a toll on people, especially people with potatoes.

I've also resolved to write more on the blog.
The computer police at the LISD need to lower their security on Internet connectivity from the classroom. I can't blog from school. I therefore am forced to teach which therefore makes me tired when I get home.
But I've had 3 complaints about the lack of blogging so for you Mom and Dad and Chris, this is for you.
I hope others are reading, but I've resolved to write like no one is.

My last resolution is to leave up the Christmas tree.
That's right. I like it, and it's staying up.

No witty ending to this blog.
We're going to start with the bar low and see where the year takes us.

Happy everything to you to yours and to theirs.

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