Tuesday, January 8, 2008

The Weight of Waiting

Have you ever thought about the price you pay every day just to wait for things?

Everyday we must take on a lot of stressful weight.

For the purpose of this exercise 1 min of waiting is equal to 1 lb. of mental stress.

Let's calculate how much mental stress I accumulated today.

Four red lights on the way to work = 4 min. of waiting = 4 lbs. of mental stress

Waiting on late authors to arrive at school for their book presentation = 15 min. = 15 lbs. stress

Teacher late to take kids to recess = 6 min. = 12 lbs. mental stress (antsy kids count for double the stress)

Microwave bag of popcorn = 4 min. = 0 lbs. mental stress (popcorn is good)

Five red lights on the way to the Doctor's office = 5 minutes of waiting = 5lbs. of annoyance

Sitting in the doctor's office = 120 MINUTES OF WAITING = 120 lbs. of pissed off annoyed fed-up stress

Drive-through at CVS pharmacy = 12 min. wait = 12 more lbs. of unneeded hassle stress

Chicken order at Gazeebo Burger = 6 min. = 6 lbs. of stress (that's $1 a pound)

So, let's see...that's 175 extra pounds of superfluous stress in just one day.

That's a lot of weight from waiting.

Imagine what happens in a week.

I feel weak.

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