Monday, January 14, 2008

You've Got Mail!

The first time Chris and I went to look at wedding invitations we had our biggest argument to date.

The second time, we went into the store, looked through eight binders of invites, narrowed it down to one, illegally took a picture of it with Chris' cell phone and were out of the store in thirty minutes.

Thank God for pharmaceuticals.

I mean really, I ask you, when was the last time you looked at a wedding invite and said to yourself "Oh, what a nice thermo-typography-embossed, bold-faced, Italian style eight point font they selected! Nice choice."

Or..."Wow, if it weren't for that ribbon laced through the top, this invite would really suck."

No one cares!

Least of all us.

I think the amount of time you spend choosing the invite should be directly proportionate to the amount of time the invitee will spend looking at it.

Assuming you're like us and you put the invite on your fridge and it stays there 2 months, we're looking at a total viewing time of about thirty minutes.

In fact, that's the new wedding planning rule.

Time of research and investigation on all wedding choices will be directly equivalent to the amount of time the object or vendor will be looked at or used.

But if that were the case I should have spent 5 minutes choosing the bridesmaids bouquets and 5 years choosing the electric griddle.


  1. (Insert clearing throat sound effect.......) I'm sorry, I couldn't read through that without journeying on a small tirade.

    I think you seem to have forgotten your dorky design friends (aka your sister & co.) who in fact do care, and spend countless hours looking at and commenting on thermo-typography-embossed, Italian style eight point fonts - and in fact, are compensated for doing so.

    Do not underestimate, my friend, the power of great design. Target vs. Wal Mart. Apple vs. PC. Good wedding invitation vs. bad wedding invitation.

    People do care. They may not realize they do the same way as us dorky folk, but they do.

    Oh, and the ribbon on the top I'd do without.