Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Ciaowwww Italy

We left the Italian driving insanity behind.

This is Chris at the Milan airport. I think this picture pretty much says it all.

We have spent the last 3 days resting and recuperating along the coast of Spain.

We've been in a town called Malgrat de Mar, about 30km up the coast from
Never heard of it?  Us either.

We had to get out of Italy so we threw ourselves on the mercy of this quaint little town. A town neither of us knew anything about other than it wasn't Italy and it wasn't Italy.

We didn't take many pictures because we mainly slept and tried to recompose ourselves after more than a week of showering with 5 minute tokens, taking copious wrong turns, and sleeping on the Earth.

Sunday we slept, Monday I went to the beach and Chris read on the balcony (turns out, even some of the happiest couples hit a wall when up against ants, horrid road signs, lack of monies and 6 nights in a tent made for two...two taco shells that is).  The last day, today, we left and arrived in Barcelona.

We are eager to get out and explore the city.

And to not drive amongst crazy people nor give the Italians anymore of our life savings.

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