Tuesday, May 5, 2009

The Sun Finally Comes Out in Santorini

I'm going to skip ahead a little bit and Chris will later explain why the title of this blog reads "finally." We'll just pretend we got to Santorini with no hiccups or problems and you can read Chris's version of it later.

So yeah, Santorini is awesome. We have April's friend Salsa with us now and she has proved both a funny and a useful member of this traveling circus.

We walked around the city and port today and took lots of pictures.

We took so many pictures I haven't even had time to look at them all. Let alone edit or par back. But I'll try.

Pictures speak louder and faster than words, and as internet access comes at a premium on these islands, I'll let the photos do the talking today. I will upload more when we return to the mainland.

We are having a great time and encountering many friendly Greeks. It's a great life here.

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