Thursday, February 19, 2009

Vienna - by, Christopher

Well this has been a long time coming! This week I have spent every day in the auditorium working as technical director for the grade 1 and 2 integrated arts performance. The curtain goes up tonight in front of a full house of parents, so wish us luck. On to Vienna:

Welcome to the beautiful Hotel Hillinger. We really don't want more than one person going upstairs, so please enjoy this microscopic elevator.

We hope you'll find your crowded, smelly room to be uncomfortable in every way.

We've jammed your lumpy beds into corners and festooned the walls above them with random devices to create the feeling of sleeping on a carpenter's workbench.

What's that thing you ask? Oh, it's a First Class brand hair drying station, circa 1982. And it even works! Well, it doesn't work. But it does look First Class!

The other bed is just across the tiny walking space. You two guys might as well be sleeping together! At Hotel Hillinger your co-worker will smell every fart and hear each fit of snoring. Sharing is important!

Gaze out at a beautiful Viennese parking lot between sturdy denim curtains. Work confidently at the spray-painted plywood desk. While away the hours squinting at your tv. Or, just spend your time with us counting attractive exposed wires.

Sorry, the bathrom isn't big enough to get a picture of the whole thing. The best we can offer is a shot of this luxurious block of wood holding up your toilet. At The Hotel Hillinger, you won't have to worry that the toilet will fall to the floor in the middle of your business. Because that happened to the last guy, and now you've got the luxurious block of wood.

Okay, I'm done selling you on how great the hotel was. The conference room was actually pretty comfortable, which was nice since spent the majority of our time there.

At the end of the first night a group of us went out to the Leopold Museum and the Museum of Modern Art. Then we ended up at some little Italian restaurant where I had one of the best calzones I've ever had.

We spent a large part of the next day in the Vienna International School library. The library was impressive and full to the doors with resources.

My teaching assistant Serdar working on one of the computers in the school mac lab.

Here we are sitting down for a mini workshop on critical literacy in one of the school's conference rooms.

This pic is sideways and I forgot to rotate it. It's a shot of the Mexican restaurant we found in a mall. Salud indeed!

Oh, what a sight for sore eyes. I ordered the tacos con pollo.

Praise and hallelujah, it's Mexican food!

Here's a shot of our group enjoying our Mexican food. I don't kow if you can see, but the empty spot in the front was my seat, and right in front is a Corona.

I'll post more pics when I get the stuff Serdar shot. Suffice to say, Vienna was a wonderful experience (apart from the accomodations). I can't wait to get back there and experience more of the city, preferably in the Spring or Summer next time.


  1. Chris - glad you got to visit Vienna and eat mexican food - but I really just wanted to thank you for passing on the website - i have it book marked and am a visitor, as i am attempting to stay more involved and educated in all of this stuff that is a little over my head. Sorry I didn't match up this comment with the right blog. But thanks!