Monday, February 9, 2009

Digital Proof

I know that a lot of our stories seem too ridiculous to be true, that's why I make a very solid effort to capture most things on the camera.

Here's the handle on the outside of the kitchen door (the side we were not on).  

And here's the handle on the side of the kitchen door we were on. 

After Chris put the door back together, he was inspired to clean off his desk.

This turned into a day-long event of Chris vs. Desk.  I wish I had a before picture of the desk, but as I've been trying to avoid looking at it for the last month, I have no photos. 

The rest of the weekend we spent taking our lives back.
Pete really wrecked havoc on our house and on our sanity.

We vacuumed and swept and Febreezed all evidence of him away.

Saturday night we had a date night, KFC and TED speakers.  No one interrupted our dinner with barking and jumping, and no one bit us as we laid in bed watching the MAC.

And Sunday we didn't leave the house at all.  It was a rainy, yicky day, and we didn't have anyone to take outside, so we stayed in.  It was great.

We're not adverse to getting another dog someday, but next time it will be American and will come from a more reputable source that didn't spend 5 months beating it with a shoe.

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