Friday, February 27, 2009

30 Years - by, Christopher

When I arrived to school Wednesday morning, there was a group of my fellow teachers waiting to sing me happy birthday. It really looks like I need to pull my jeans up in this picture.

This is my homemade pie in all its huge glory. It's the biggest pie I've ever seen. I still have most of it left over.

Here's another shot of the flaky goodness. She really knocked it out of the park with this one.

Sarah decorated our place with balloons and birthday glitter. While I relaxed she got dinner ready.

Then she served up chicken fajitas with chips and salsa. I'm a simple man with simple needs, folks. Duck L'Orange not required.

My parents sent me a huge care package with great food and this robotic arm! I can't wait to assemble it and put it through its paces. My students are going to love it too.

There are almost no English greeting cards in Turkey, so Sarah improvised for my birthday just like I did for her. She managed to turn this thank you card into a hilarious bday greeting.

I will definitely never forget my 30th birthday for as long as I live!

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