Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday (to me)

I can't believe I'm putting this photo up - but I am.

It helps the story along.

That was me on Saturday.  The eve of my 32nd birthday.

I think about myself on my birthday, sure.  But I've always kind of thought about my mother too.
I mean, what a huge day for her.
I always try and imagine what happiness and fear and excitement she must have been going through, getting ready to have her first child.

Yesterday, for the first time ever, I could really put myself in my mom's shoes.

32 years ago she was just like me.  A healthy pregnant lady ready to deliver at any time.

My mom walked the mall on the 17th and subsequently started labor.  I'm not sure if she was doing it to move things along or just because she needed to get out of the house.

If I went to the mall right now it would be to move things along.  (Thus I've been banned from going.)

I have a whole new respect and thankfulness for both my mom and my dad.  I know my mom had to be very uncomfortable, and nervous and anxious, and my dad was probably pretty impatient and eager and worn-out as well.  (Taking care of a pregnant lady isn't easy - I realize this.)

I hoped that the boys wouldn't come on my birthday and I wasn't disappointed.  

I got to celebrate with my family the best way I could - PF Chang's and my moms spice cake.

Nana and I (her b-day is 5 days earlier)

We had a great time celebrating 32 years of my life and the boys making it to 36 weeks in their belly life.

As far as I'm concerned they are welcome to come anytime now.
Well, anytime after Friday.  Friday will be 37 weeks - which is term for babies, no matter whether they're coming one by one or two by two.

Thanks to everyone on the Facebook who wished me a happy birthday.  I'm still very green in understanding how that thing works so please take this as my thanks for the FB happy birthday wishes.

Happy birthday season!

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