Monday, October 11, 2010

35 Weeks (or) My Personal Invitation to Discomfort

Had the 35 week check-up today.

Because we (me, Baby A and Baby B) are doing so well, we were released from all sonogram and stress-test duties.

Just had a chat and an inspection by the Dr.

Both babies hearts sound great. My blood pressure is great. Weight gain is good.

The Dr. asked me how I felt and I smiled and tried to search for the perfect mix of words that wouldn't make me sound ungrateful for how well things are going, but at the same time would communicate how immeasurably uncomfortable I am.

Yesterday I had about 4 new discomforts, 2 of which ended with me calling the on-call Dr. just to make sure I wasn't experiencing anything worthy of a visit to L&D.
She assured me everything was normal.

Baby A: Look, I've come up with some new moves. Maybe we can get out of here in time for kick-off.
Baby B: Whatever man, the Cowboys suck this year. I'm fine just listening to Dad yell about it from in here.
Baby A: But there's going to be cake.
Baby B: Ehhh.
Baby A: Well, I'm going to try out these new manueuvers and see if I can get something going.
Baby B: Alright man. Now leave me alone. I'm almost done with my Sudoku puzzle.

And so we start another week.

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  1. I laughed out loud . . . hang in there