Tuesday, October 19, 2010

36 1/2 Weeks (or) Gotta Itch

Today the boys and I went in for another check-up.

They had their check-up first and everything went wonderfully.

The sono techs and Dr.'s always ask me before we begin how I think the boys are doing, and I'm always quick to say they're doing great.
I know they are.  They kick and squirm about quite frequently, and I've just always had the feeling that they are quite happy in there.  (I think it helps to have a roommate!)

A is guesstimated to weigh about 5 lbs. 15 oz. and B at about 6 lbs. 1 oz.  They are right on track.

After the boys were given their all-clear, it was my turn.

I told Chris last night that I was sure I have this thing called PUPPS.  You can Google it if you want but it's basically a hive-like rash that can develop on the pregnant mom's belly and spread it's way around.
It's not dangerous to mom or babies so please don't worry about us; but it itches so bad you want to trade in your skin for a Snuggie.

Too much info?

Okay, here's a lack of info.

No one really knows what causes it or why some women get it.  Only 1 in 200 is thought to get it so the odds are not in your favor.
We seem to be beating all kinds of odds in this pregnancy so why not this one as well?

PUPPS is thought to be more common in first time pregnant women (check), in the 3rd trimester (check) carrying twins or more (check) that are boys (check).

So...I have a steroid cream and lots of Benedryl.

I'm going to hold these boys in as long as I can but I'd be lying if I said I haven't relished the idea of them coming tomorrow!

For now I'm just going to continue the Benedryl and sleep when I can, and be thankful that things are still going as great as they are.

Last appointment is next week and then next Monday - babies!


  1. Wow...my friend just had her twins on Oct. 7 and she had that rash on her. It was driving her crazy. It wasn't her first pregnancy though...it was her fourth, but she had twins and one of the babies was a boy! Odd that it is rare and I know two people that have experienced it. Sorry you are having to deal with it!!! Glad to hear the babies are doing so well...you look great by the way!!! I'm thinking about you a lot and hoping all goes well with the rest of the pregnancy. Miss seeing you!!!

  2. Thanks Elizabeth. Yes, this rash is pretty unbearable. I'm about to call the Dr. to see if she can't do something else for me.
    Thanks for thinking of us. I think about you guys as well and hope that the year is sailing by smoothly!