Tuesday, October 12, 2010

A Day in the Life of Resting in Bed

While I haven't been put under strict bedrest by my doctor, I have been told to try and basically do nothing.
Which is fine, because nothing is about all I can handle right now.

I fully realize that lounging around the house all day sounds like heaven.
And maybe it would be if I wasn't growing people.

But growing people is hard work.
And being inside when it's so nice outside, does start to wear on you.

The highlights of my week are getting out of the house for Dr.'s appointments, and the moment I hear Chris's car pull in the garage.

Here's what an average day with me looks like:

7:30 am
Chris opens creaky guest room door.
I wake up and look at clock.
Realize I've been asleep for 2 or 3 hours.
Roll over and go back to sleep.

8:30 am
Chris comes in to wake me and kiss me good-bye.
He asks me if I slept.
I give the more or less hand motion.
He kisses me and I tell him to have a great day.
Roll over and go to sleep.

10ish am
Babies wake me.
They're hungry I assume.
I figure they can wait a little longer.
Reach for phone and see if I've missed any calls or text messages from people who sleep and wake at normal times.
Reach for laptop and check emails, FB, Google Reader for any fun stories, exciting information or encouraging words from friends.
Wonder what the weather is like outside.

11:15 am
Go to kitchen and make bagel.
Eat a piece of mom's cake while I wait for bagel to toast.

11:20 am
Turn on TV and check DVR for anything I've recorded that Chris wouldn't care about watching (this could include The Rachel Zoe Project, How I Met Your Mother, reruns of Bethany Getting Married, HGTV, etc.).

11:40 am
Get back in bed and turn on Netflix.
Resume "30 Rock" from where I left off yesterday.
Wish Chris worked from home.

1:00 pm
Shower (on even numbered days or days I'm going to see someone other than Chris).
Look at my make-up bag and wish I wasn't too tired to apply some of it.
Look at my hairdryer and wonder if I shouldn't get a haircut.

1:30 pm
PB&J Sandwich while watching Family Feud.

2 pm
Back to bed for more email/FB/Google reader checking.
Continue watching "30 Rock".
Wonder if there is any magical way I can secretly start labor on my own.
Feel slightly guilty about wanting to secretly start labor.
Search multiple messages boards for "average length of twin gestation", hoping maybe it's changed since yesterday.

4 pm
Look outside to see if mailman has come yet.
Check the mail.
More computer and lying on my side.
Talk to myself a little.
Talk to the boys a little.
Maybe fall asleep.

6:30 pm
Chris comes home.
I am waiting at the door excitedly.

6:34 pm
We eat dinner and talk about our days.

7:00 pm
Chris and I lie on the couch and watch TV.
I'll watch just about anything if it means I can be close to him.

9:00 pm
Chris does some kind of work on the computer or in the house while I go check my email/FB/Google reader again.
Sometimes I have to look up a symptom in the What to Expect When You're Expecting book.

10 pm
Get ready for bed.

10:30 pm
Chris kisses me goodnight and goes to sleep in the guest room.

11:00 pm
I try to sleep.
Turn back on 30 Rock.

All in a day's work.

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  1. I like how dinner is to the minute! 6:34pm...not a minute later! :) I hope you are doing well...Happy Birthday! Btw...I love netflix too...I find myself staying up way to late some nights watching things instead of sleeping.