Sunday, September 26, 2010


I figured out why over the last few months I've been avoiding the blog.

I was trying to avoid having the blog be all about pregnancy and babies.
I get that your own pregnancy and your own babies are never as interesting to other people as they are to you.

But then I realized - that's our life now, and the blog has always been about our lives.

When it started, the blog was all about engagement. (Which I'm sure some people didn't find interesting.)
Then about the wedding. (Which my own husband probably even bored of from time to time.)
Then about Turkey. (I don't think that was much of a bore to anyone!)
Then about re-entry to America.
Then pregnancy.

"Don't bury the lead," Chris says.

My bedside table use to have 4 travel books, one education book and one fiction book. Now it has 4 How to Raise Twins books, one fiction book and a Real Simple magazine.

My closet use to have high heeled shoes and running shorts and boots. Now it has maternity clothes, a double stroller and a nursing pillow.

So yeah, the blog is going to be about pregnancy and babies for awhile. And I think I'm coming around to being okay with that.

It's called The So that's what it's about.