Wednesday, September 15, 2010

31 Weeks

I don't know who's in charge of this blog but they need to get their act together.

This has been a big week in the lives of the yet unborn Wehkamp boys.

On Sunday they got to listen to Daddy yell at the first football games of the season.
(Some games more than others.)

We chose their pediatrician, went to a meeting about how to deal with sibling rivalry, and today got to see them live on the big screen again.

I feel more confident than ever in my belief that one of the biggest upsides or having twins is the plethora of sonograms you get to have.

We got the 3D turned on today via our eager request (our Dr. humors us...I think it's his way of pitying the sleep deprivation he knows we have coming in a few weeks!)

I'm currently 31 weeks pregnant. Baby A is weighing about 4 lbs and Baby B about 4 lbs. 5 oz.
Believe me when I tell you I can feel every pound of them!
I have been very blessed in not having many of the common symptoms associated with pregnancy - but this belly - it's no joke.
And the babies in it - they're an active crew.

I was just sure the other day that Baby A was going to break skin.

Here's the profile we got of Baby B today. He is currently head up so we got a good peek at him.

Dr. Jenica says his nose looks so big because it's smushed up against my uterus.
My mom says he looks like Chris.

I just say I love him so freaking much!

A is head down and was facing away so we'll try for him another day.
He may be camera shy but he holds nothing back when it comes to punching and kicking.

I think we were hasty in our prediction that B would be our spaz.

They're both going to be spazes!

Next appointment is Tues. and we'll keep going every week until either 38 weeks, or until there is any sign of stress on me or the babies. At this point there's no indication that things shouldn't continue progressing normally.

I'll talk to the blog manager and make sure updates are sent more regularly.

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  1. So glad to see an update. I've been thinking about you and the babies! I hope all is well!!! Let me know if there is anything I can do. I'm not too far away! :)