Monday, August 27, 2007

Nothing Beets the First Day of School

It's true.

I love the first day of school.

All the students with their wide eyes and nervous smiles.
Their backpacks full of brand-new school supplies.

My students came in this morning bearing Wal-Mart bag after Wal-Mart bag, filled to the brim with new crayons, number 2 pencils, wide-ruled paper and soon to be snotty Kleenex.

As I was going through the students bags and organizing supplies, I realized some of you have been out of school so long you might not remember what a 2nd grade back to school supply list includes.
Even I, who has been at this for 3 years now, was surprised to see what had made the list this year.

Javier's school supplies:

Hope mom isn't too upset when she has to substitute Elmer's for veggies tonight.

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  1. Holy crap that is hilarious!! At least he didn't try to give them to you as a gift...