Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Dear Real World,

Hi. How are you?

Just wanted to let you know that last weekend my smallest sister earned her bachelor’s degree and will now be moving from college to live full time with you.

I’m not sure she knows much about you so I ask that you take good care of her.

I’m sure you remember when I arrived at your doorstep – I took offense to you waking me any earlier than 11am, and I was completely disheartened when I found out you don't allow naptime.

Moving in with you did have its advantages though.
My car insurance rates went down, $4 wine was replaced with $6 wine, and the nightly news suddenly got interesting.

You’ll like Emily.
She relates well to people of all ages and races.
She’s an empathetic idealist who finds water where most find melted ice.
Emily has a general acceptance of everyone.
Always a team player, she can motivate a football team as easily as a Sonic team.
She's a lot of fun to be around and will be the first to go to your fiance's rocking concert (even at 12am on a Thursday night).

I hope that you give her enough room to explore.
Give her a little romance each day.
Encourage her to trust her gut and to achieve the things others consider impossible.

None of us is exactly sure who we are or what we're doing when we come to live with you. Visiting the ATM isn't as scary, the food tastes better, but we miss our old schedules and financial aid.
It's a hard transition.

Please help my little sister to adjust. She comes to you full of hopes and expectations.
I know you won't let her down.

We are all so proud of her.


P.S. I was in Macy's on August 8th and they were setting up a permanent display of Christmas trees and holiday décor. I can only assume they have terminated residency with you and moved to either Bizzaro World or Impractical Island. Could I please have their forwarding address? I have some thoughts I'd like to share with them.

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  1. You summed up Em with panache. This is your best one so far, by far.