Thursday, August 9, 2007

A Comment About Comments

I just ended some intense contract negotiations with

It was brought to my attention early in the life of this blog that readers could not post comments without first registering for a Gmail account.

I thought this ludicrous and petitioned to allow my non-Gmail friends and family to comment without restriction.

After a week of negotiations, the CEO finally agreed to allow comments to this blog without Gmail registration.

So go ahead, comment away.

The settlement came at no small price though.
I had to agree to book the CEO's son-in-law to perform at our wedding.

I hope you all like magic tricks.


  1. Congrats on your comment liberation movement. You need to develop a link where people can make contributions to your liberation fund. There is a fund, right?


  2. Oh, and I have to write my name after the entry so that you know who is leavig the comment, because I am required to call myself 'anonymous.' Rules are for tools!

  3. Are there any new blogs on the way? Come on with the witty observations already!