Tuesday, August 7, 2007

The New Old

The radio in my living room was a birthday present from my parents on my 15th birthday.

It was all the rage then because it had a CD player.

I use to play Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails and Tom Petty and dance around my bedroom.

About a year ago the little LCD screen that shows the radio stations and the CD track listing broke.
Now you have to tune up and down and guess what station you’re on. Not an easy task.

The other option is to tune the radio in the bedroom to the station you desire, then run to the living room and try to find the same song playing.
Every few seconds you have to run back to the bedroom to make sure the same song is playing, then run back to the living room to continue to search for it.
I asked my trainer and he said this could count as my 20 min. of cardio.

Since I’m not too fond of getting my cardio done running back and forth across my 786 sq. ft. apartment, my living room radio has been permanently residing on 107.5 movinfor the better part of a year. I can clean the house while I dance, cook while I dance, dance while I dance. It’s great.

Until last weekend.

Chris changed the station.

I walked into the room and some nice easy listening was playing. We were having company and I had to agree that the tunes were more conducive to a quiet dinner party.

So I listened and enjoyed the music, never bothering to ask what station the radio had been changed to.

I spent the next week listening and dancing to my new favorite station. All the songs reminded me of growing up and dancing around at middle school dances.

I finally asked Chris what station it was so that I could program it into my car.

“98.7 The Oldies.”

“98.7 The what?!”


“The station that plays ‘Let’s twist again’ and ‘Under the Boardwalk’?!”

“Well, that’s what they played like 15 years ago. Now they play late 70’s and early 80’s.”

When did I get so old that my music is on the oldies station?

It’s very troubling.

I have further learned that my Pearl Jam and Nine Inch Nails are being played on the classic rock station.

Next time I feel like getting some inter-apartment cardio I intend to check that out.

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