Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Sarah Renee Photography

That's right.

I'm back.

We've done market research, held some focus groups, talked with our lawyers, and found 18 topics we can blog about that won't get us in any kind of trouble, but will still hold an audience.

Topic #12 of safe, interesting topics - baby photography.

You'll remember I took some pictures of my friends Julie and Sean's kiddos this summer.

This weekend I had the honor of taking pictures of Ashley and Brad's beautiful new baby boy.

You can see all the images here: Brandt 8 Weeks

Brandt loved the camera so much, he smiled his first smile during the session! Ashley and I couldn't believe it.

Unfortunately we weren't in the best light and I didn't want to flash in his eyes so the pictures are a little blurry, but you get the idea.

This kid loves modeling!

I love taking pictures of kiddos and families and am working on building my own photography business.

If you would like a photo session I am doing them right now for free as I try to work up my portfolio.
Photos for Christmas cards, newborns, families, silly, serious, the sky's the limit.
I have fun ideas but am open to whatever you want or need.

Leave a comment or email me to set-up a session.


That was good, right?

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