Tuesday, September 8, 2009

A Doggone Favor

So...in spite of Chris and I's first failed attempt at dog ownership (see Sunday, February 8, 2009), we're on the search for a pup.

Your mission is to help us.

We know we want either a golden retriever or a goldendoodle.

In addition to being a loved member of the Wehkamp family, this dog has to be able to go to schools and libraries and sit still while children read to it. I am a huge fan of Library Dogs and have high hopes of making my own contribution of time and support with our future furry friend.

This will be a 100% therapy dog. One that can be taken to hospitals, retirement homes, even to court with young children who are scared or shy.

I hear the downside to goldens is they shed a lot, and the downside to goldendoodles is they are hard to groom.

But really, how can there be a downside to either of these adorable guys?

I want to jump through the computer and hang out with them.

Golden Retriever


Any information you may have on responsible breeders or specific breed information would be greatly appreciated (thanks for the mouse-lady Burke - though she never wrote me back...do we settle for one of her baby hedgehogs?)

We need a loveable, well-mannered, intelligent, dog that is patient and easy with children. And one that they don't immediately shrink away from just after looking at it, even if it is the nicest dog in the world.

If there's a breed we missed and should look at please let us know.

Thanks for your help helping us find a helpful dog that can eventually help others that need help.


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  1. Hey y'all. I broke through the great firewall today. Hope all is well in Texas for you. Isn't it time for a new post? Hint hint.

    Any pups on the horizon? Do the therapy training books recommend specific breeds or is it more about the temperment of the dog? What made you guys think of doing this? It's fabulous.

    How's the repatrioting going for you guys? What are some of the challenges (other than landing in the U.S. and having to spend a small fortune to start a life there again)? Ubber curious. A friend lived in Russia for 3 years said coming back was far more difficult than landing in a new country. Sounds crazy to me at the moment, but I wonder what you guys think.