Saturday, October 24, 2009

Happy Birthday, to Me

October 17th I turned thirty-one years old.

Hard to believe this time last year I was opening air mail packages in a tiny apartment in Ankara, Turkey.

How the time flies.

Such a fantastic birthday.

I didn't want to put anything on the girls calender as this year has already been a whirlwind of activities.

So, I was shocked when Thursday night my doorbell rang and standing outside were 6 of my best friends, holding a cake and singing Happy Birthday.

I hear Jenny made the cake (Thanks Jenny!) Very cute and tasty.

Bree and Bauer helped us celebrate by creating some very peaceful background music on Chris's drums.

I have the most amazing girlfriends of anyone in the world.

It was so nice to sit and chat with them.
Felt like the old days in the dorm when we could all just walk down the hall and hang out.
Too bad hanging out like that now involves an hour drive for most of us.
Better than a 10 hour flight to Turkey though right?

Then Sat. night the family and I descended on PF Chang's for some very tasty chinese food and for me, a pink dingo, the drink of choice at our wedding.

Lovely Ladies

Mom and Dad W.

Mom #1 and Mom #2

Happy to have my Dad here

The pink dingo turned into something green. What can I say? I indulged in a rainbow of celebratory beverages.

The Whole Gang

After dinner we all went back to the apartment for cake and presents.

Grandma's in the Apartment

Yes, I did ask for a baby doll for my birthday. And yes, my sister did oblige me. (It's to practice baby photography...not because I'm 31 going on 13.)

All in all a terrific 31st B-Day.

So terrific in fact, when Chris asked me the next morning how it felt to be 31, I was a little confused.
Wait, I'm a year older?
I thought we were all just getting together to celebrate.


I feel happy and blessed and optimistic about life. So whatever number of years goes along with that feeling, I'm fine with.

Happy birthday to me.

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