Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Who Me?

In keeping with the theme of "behind the scenes of Chris and Sarah's Wild Ride", here's a set of pictures I call "shots I had no idea I was in until they were shown to me a month later".

Did I ever not have a camera in my hand?

My dad is still sore from the rock hurling.

Might be picking my nose here, not sure.

Chris is just thrilled that I'm taking my time in picking out the right French blouse.

Got to get close sometimes - the girl walking by is so curious about what I've found in the bushes that warrants stopping for a picture...she'll never know.

Camera might be getting a bit heavy at this point.

This is how we did it folks.

Great idea dad...an evening walk to the nearby cemetery. It was very interesting. There was even a man there walking his baby in a carriage because the baby couldn't get to sleep. An oddly peaceful place to be.

Whatever my mom just said I think it's safe to say I doubted her.

The next water wheel is...umm...umm...behind us?

Only Chris and I (and my mom and dad) know the story behind this shot. And thus it shall remain.

First fajitas in months. I think Chris looks funnier here than I do!

Amazing shot. Thanks dad. (Can you see where I get some of my skills from?)

Perfect photo summation - this was literally the last afternoon of our trip. Our faces say it all.

Hope you're enjoying this behind the scenes tour!

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  1. Wow, great pictures Tim. Thanks so much for sharing these with us Sarah. You guys look great.

    And yes, Tim is still sore from throwing those bolders!