Monday, July 21, 2008

One Month in Review

Today marks the one month anniversary of Chris and I's hike through Marriedom.

I say hike because a lot of the time that's what it feels like.

We go up a hill together.  Then down a hill together. 

There's always an adventure around the corner; some days you find bears, other days a beautiful sunset.

Chris and I didn't live together before getting married, therefore, the majority of our answers to "how's married life?" revolve around what we've learned since living with each other.

Things that Chris finds strange about me:

I am willing to eat butter that has been expired for one month.

I drink milk straight from the carton.

I don't shower everyday.

I buy limes for decoration, not for consumption.

I can buy white decorative icing with decorating tips and not even miss them until Chris finds them a month later under my car seat.

I pour two smaller bowls of cereal instead of one large one so the contents don't have so much time to get mushy.

I can think of 8 things I'd rather do than see a movie.

Things I find strange about Chris:

He doesn't brush his teeth every night.

He likes his food lukewarm.

He enters a toll road to go just one exit.

He has compartments for his compartments.

Sometimes he laughs in his sleep.

He buys .50 cent "This Week in Bible Prophecy" VHS tapes.

He has 6 pairs of scissors on his desk (and I've never seen him cut anything.)

And so, as we roll into month two, the hike continues, and the hikers brace themselves for a big trek across a pond.

No telling what strangeness lies there ahead.

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