Tuesday, July 15, 2008

I Praise thee, Auto Mechanic

Today started like any other normal day. I ate my cereal, I watched some Regis, then I accidentally let a wasp's nest into my house and spent the next 20 minutes taking down 8 wasps with Resolve carpet cleaner.

It's really a win-win. You kill the bugs, and your carpets get clean! I highly recommend Resolve carpet cleaner for all your wasp-cleaning needs.

After finishing my bug zapping, I went down to the car to start my errands. I turned the key in the ignition, and nada.
Dead car battery.

Took the car to Mill St. Battery shop. Mill St. sent me to Sears. Sears sent me to Auto Zone. Auto Zone sent me to City Garage. And City Garage sent me to Chick-Fil-A.

Okay, they didn't send me to Chick-Fil-A. But a growing impatience with cars, and anything that has to do with cars, led me to food.

For me, trying to talk and haggle with a car mechanic is like trying to make my own shoes.
I don't know how to make a shoe, I don't know what goes into making a shoe, and I don't know how much it should cost to make a shoe.

I don't want to make my own shoes, fix my own shoes, I just want them to be there everyday and for them to work.

"Well, you put the switch brakelight alternator piston on the 98 with a torso wrench at a 45 degree angle and drop the buckle rod down and you've got yourself some new brake light pad jobbies.
You could do it yourself, or we could charge you $97 to do it."

Orrrrr...you could take this little car of mine, fix it for $10 and I don't throw my hot coffee in your face.

I had all but given up on getting my car fixed fairly.

As I neared the Chick-Fil-A though, I saw Christian Brothers Automotive.

I always thought this was just their last name "Christian." I didn't anticipate finding anything but more sleazy, nonsense auto guys trying to take advantage of me, but it was right next to my lunch, so what could it hurt?
I went inside with my guard up and my frustration above its boiling point.

I walked in to find myself surrounded by bible verse pens, a Christian music station playing in the background, a bookshelf full of Christian books...I walked up to the counter waiting on a shepard of some sort to come out and ask me for my most holy of automotive needs.

As I was waiting, I read the Christian Brothers mission: "At Christian Brothers Automotive we seek to glorify God by providing ethical and excellent automotive repair service for our customers."

This was serious stuff.
I felt like I needed to kneel in front of the counter and ask for forgiveness for letting my car break. Say a prayer that it would be mended. Sing a holy hymn. Drop a lug nut in a offering plate.

Will came out to help me, and long story short, he not only glorified God with his service, but he glorified a short-tempered girl who wanted nothing more than her car fixed.

I don't know if God wants to be glorified with excellent automotive repair. It seems like he normally shoots for feeding the hungry and building houses for poor people.
But hey, if we can glorify with fixing cars, anything is possible right?

Why not have a Christian Brothers dentist office? Christian Brothers DPS. Christian Brothers phone company.

Let's take all the things and people we normally hate to deal with, find some willing Christians to set up shop, and make everyone's life a little brighter.

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  1. I thoroughly enjoyed this "time" we had together - the anguish, the frustration, the almost impatient feeling of dealing with other human emotions and the hunger. Is there a good reason you neglected to take a picture of chickfilet?? Cuz i really was looking forward to seeing a plate of that delicious chicken!