Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Swings for Sale

We currently have 2 infant swings for sale on Craigslist.

I got so excited last night because someone wrote inquiring if we still had them available.

(you have to click on the photos to make them bigger. Sorry...blogging struggles)

"Yeah", I thought, "there's some pretty obvious grammar missteps, but who (whom?) among us doesn't make a grammatical error or too every know and again?"

Could be a second language learner, someone that didn't finish high school, a young kid trying to buy some swings for his baby brothers, who knows?

So, I replied as quickly as possible:

I was thrilled to see a response only a few minutes later:

We all know what "send me your address for the certified check" thing means. There was no explaining that away.

Total disappointment.

Or was it?

I gave my computer to Chris.


  1. how frustrating yet funny! did the boys like the swings? claire hated swinging but a borrowed one saved our first three to four months with henry. hope everything is going well. we LOVE the pictures!

  2. I wish Chris could have attached a virus for dear ole Mark. Thought of you guys as I played this "game" today - I might not have gotten all the locations right away, but thanks to y'all, I knew where Turkey was on the map! http://www.rethinkingschools.org/just_fun/games/mapgame.html