Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The Joy of Love: Day 1

This month I am following a course by one of my favorite photographers.

The course is called "The Joy of Love" and it challenges you to follow a prompt every day and capture the people/pets/whatever you love.

I've been needing some inspiration to take photos of my own children. I know this sounds counterintuitive, but when you're the mom and not the photographer, it's hard to remember to take photos sometimes.

(Especially when you're documenting times two.)

But I digress.

Day One: What They Do (find what they do and document it)

This proved to be super easy. Day one was a snow day so I had the whole family available to stalk around the house.

Here's what some of the people I love do.

Daddy works.

And plays the guitar.

And video games.
(No, we don't watch soap operas. But we do enjoy Jeopardy which I believe was on earlier.)

Colin blows bubbles.

Likes to play upside down.

And likes to grab his toys.

Benjamin does tummy time.

He grabs his elephant and

he also stares at his elephant and listens to its ears crinkle.

And the two together?

Well, they just be delightful.

Stay tuned for Day 2!

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  1. great idea (and great pictures of two super cute babies)! glad things are going well for you all!