Thursday, February 3, 2011

Joy of Love: Day 3

Then and Now
(capturing change in photos)

This was easy to think of ideas for.
I could have taken photos all day if the boys didn't require naps.
Or age appropriate activities like cooing and drooling.

To accomplish my then and now's I first wanted to look back and dig up some "then" photos to recreate.
Most of the photos from the early days were either taken by our wonderful photographer Janelle, or with an iPhone. (I had wayyyyy to much to worry about and too many pains to mention - taking photos with the SLR was not the furthest thing from my mind, but it was the most improbable.)


Boys then (Colin on the right)

And now

Benjamin Then

(Whom by the way we called "Benjamin Defiant for a loooong time. You have to admit you see the resemblance.)

And Benjamin now

Colin then

Colin now

Boys then (Colin on the left)

Boys now

(Don't worry, they still have parents!)

These shots really put things in perspective.
What fun watching them grow and change.

More to come!

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  1. My word, they are so different now! It's always amazing to look at old pictures and see the changes - sometimes we don't even notice them happening.