Saturday, November 28, 2009

The Dallas Turkey Trot

Thanksgiving morning we woke up at 6:30 and set off to the DART rail. Upon arriving, we discussed the day ahead.

I've never run this race before and I was surprised to discover that the train was full to overflowing. Sarah and I had to stand on one foot all the way to the race.

Upon arrival, I was even more surprised to discover that 37,00 of our neighbors had shown up to trot with us. Some of them came in costume and others expressed themselves in dance.

Here's a panoramic video to give you an idea of what 37,000 people looks like when they are all packed together and freezing. Also, the national anthem was in full effect.

The "official start" of the race was a bit anticlimactic, since a mob this size doesn't really jump into action at the toot of an airhorn.

Once we got under way I took some shaky video of the perilous run itself. I did eventually see a middle school-aged girl run directly into a parking meter and crash to the ground more embarrassed than hurt. It was a jungle out there.

The truth is, Sarah made it the whole way without stopping or slowing down. She crossed the finish line in about 34 minutes. I, however, had to stop and catch my breath for a bit. I still managed to finish in about 37 minutes.

Right before I crossed the finish line we met up again. Crossing the finish line was a great feeling of accomplishment. And I was only a little embarrassed that my wife smoked me.

We're talking about doing the Jingle Bell run on December 22nd now that we've got our first 5k under our belts. It was a fun way to kick off Thanksgiving that I'm sure will become a tradition for us.

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