Monday, November 30, 2009

Baby Bombs

I'm back-dating this post.

It's my blog so I can do that.

I wanted to talk a bit about Thanksgiving, but from the point of view of my camera lens.

I realized this Thanksgiving that we now have a series of pictures of Chris being baby bombed.

I love it when Chris gets baby bombed.

It has to be a sneak assault.

He won't volunteer or agree to hold any child.

You really have to give him no other option.

There was the New Years Day raid of 2009.

Jenica took the wine out of his hand and replaced it with Baby H.

The result was as follows:


That assault was followed promptly with Baby A.

Me thinks Chris is nonplussed.

That takes us to Thanksgiving day.

Chris's cousin basically dropped Baby R right in his lap giving him no choice but to catch her.

It's like watching someone give a 5 year old a map to hold.

They're not quite sure which end is up, what the purpose is or what to do with it.

It makes me laugh.

And I think it makes Chris laugh too.

Because eventually, he figures out what to do.

And the babies love it.

And I kind of think Chris does as well.

When we had the Moss's over for dinner, Chris introduced Baby A to drums. I'm pretty sure that made her day.

The drums have been quite a hit with the short bunch.

Kiddo B and Baby B loved them as well.

They'll probably be a big hit for years to come.

Chris really doesn't give himself enough credit.

He's quite good when caught off-guard with baby bombs.

Maybe someday he'll even volunteer to hold one.


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