Thursday, April 10, 2008

Where's My Electric Eel?

Yesterday the second graders and I learned that an electric eel can give a shock of up to 650 volts - over five times the voltage needed to light a standard household light bulb.
So last night at 4am when the storm came ripping through my apartment complex, taking my electricity with it, I asked myself, where is an electric eel when you need one?
I stayed awake for two hours patiently waiting for the electricial gods to rain their power down on me.
I had to call in to work as I couldn't see to get ready this morning.
I ended up taking a shower with a candle lit, and bringing my make-up bag to school to try to look somewhat presentable.
I had to take two different detours as electricial lines are down everywhere.  My neighborhood looks like a war zone.
Upon seeing me the kids said "Ms. Mathis, you look different."
Yes, I do. 
This is the look of utter exhaustion.
Supposively the power is going to be on when I get home.
It's sad really how useless and how helpless one can feel without a TV, radio, phone, internet, lights, microwave...
I felt, and still feel, completely powerless.

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