Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Back In Business

One week without posting anything and the complaints just come pouring in.  I didn't realize how much everyone looks forward to reading the blog everyday. 
It's like trying to go without mosquitos in summer.
My trouble right now is that the PC with all the good stuff on it is at school, while Maya the MAC waits patiently at home to be filled with pictures and documents.
Apparently I broke my external hard drive, and apparently this is bad, so apparently we'll be going photo-less for a little while.
This is okay though because we're all literate.
I can tell you this...I redecorated my apartment and have since decided that I'm a designer.
That's right.
I'm a designer, a photographer, a teacher and someday I hope to be a published author.
Does writing this blog get me any closer?

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