Monday, April 21, 2008

Turkey Times

At a baby shower this weekend one of my friends asked me where Chris and I were going to live after we got a house, in an apartment...
Wait, I thought, how does she not know we are moving to Turkey?
And then I realized, a picture is not always worth a thousand words.
The flag of Turkey in the last post was not meant to indicate that Chris and I are honeymooning in Turkey.
We are in fact moving there.
The stats are as follows:
-Sarah teaching 3rd grade at Bilkent University Prep School (BUPS for short).  It is a bilingual American School.
-Chris, since he doesn't have his teaching certification, will be interning at all grade levels.
-Both of us will be working on our masters degrees at Bilkent University
-The gig is for 2 years.  Yes we will be home for holidays.
-I found out about ISS, the company that staffs all American schools abroad, about 3 years ago.  I was not then qualified to apply.  One must have at least 2 years teaching abroad, and 3 years stateside.  So getting a job this year was quite an honor.
-I was accepted in Nov. to the ISS program (, and Chris and I went in Feb. to NYC to a grand interview fair.  Over 300 schools.  It was insane.
-We narrowed our choices to Turkey, China, Malaysia and Japan, and went with Turkey based on salary and how much we thought we would enjoy our surroundings there.
-Not that it's any of your business, but the school is paying for our flights, our 2 bedroom apt., laptops, our masters degree program, relocation fees, visas, they're paying us a tax-free salary equivalent to that in the states, all of our health care is free, we still have summers off, and there will be doner kebabs at every corner.  yes.
-We leave sometime mid-August
-Our actual honeymoon is to Costa Rica.
So...that being said...who will be the first to visit Turkey?

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