Wednesday, July 27, 2011

A Visit With Nana

C: Dude, you were totally right. Going to visit Great Grandma "Nana" is the best thing ever. I don't even know who this friend of hers is but she thinks I'm so funny!

B: I told you man. You slept through the whole thing last time.

but this is the place to be. Nana is the bomb.

C: Right on. I've never eaten half this stuff before. It's like it's all made for people like us with little to no teeth.
Jell-O you say this one is called?

B: Yeah. Mom totally needs to make this stuff at home.

C: Dad. Dad. Daaaaad! If I smile a really cute smile, will you buy us some Jell-O for at home?

C: I don't know man. He seems a tougher sale than these nice ladies. Maybe we should just stay here!

B: They even have better strollers than we have.

B: I wonder if we could just move in next door.

C: You check and see if anyone lives there, I'll keep a look-out.

C: Danger! Danger! He's coming! He's coming....

C: Dude! You let him get you.

Wait, he's coming back, flee! Flee! Go legs go.

Oh no. He got me too.

Oh, hey bro.

B: Hey bro.

C: Maybe we could just live with Nana.

B: Done and done.

Tell Mom to forward our mail.

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