Monday, May 10, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I can guarantee you, anyone, that our Mother's Day events were nothing like yours.

We had a rather wonderfully strange Mother's Day this year.

The wonderful part - everyone in the family was in attendance.

All 4 of my aunts and uncles. All 4 of my cousins and their spouses. All 6 of my cousin's children. Both my grandma's. My in-laws. And both my sisters.
We recruited from North Carolina, Illinois, New York and Houston.

All of my cousins - we're 7 girls in total

The children of my cousin's. Each cousin has a boy and girl. We will soon be breaking that pattern.

I think you know this group.

And this one as well. (They were sponsered by the color grey this day.)

Not quite sure who's telling who what to do in this one.

And now for the strange part.

After the clouds cleared out and it warmed up a little, the kids decided to go play out back.
Where out back?

In my parents empty pool.

Well, it's not completely empty. There is about 18 gallons of disguisting rancid water at the bottom of the deep end.

The adults watched on as if watching a golf tournament.

The kids took tours of the deep end. Walking around the filthy water with great trepidation at first, but then running fast-paced laps round and round. I swear they were running at a 30 degree angle.

It's like the old "give a kid a new playkitchen for Christmas and he'll like the box it came in more" situation.

My parents have a tree swing, a basketball court, a HUGE backyard, a dog to play with, but no...all the kids wanted to do was walk around inside an empty pool.

I wonder if when they come back they'll be sad to see it filled with water?

It seems the possibilities for what can amuse children (and adults as well) is endless.

I feel a whole new world of gifts for the twins opening up. A world beyond Toys R' Us and and Chuck E Cheese's.

Maybe just a trip out to the city dump? I think Chris and I learned you're allowed two free trips a year.

Happy Mother's Day!

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