Sunday, May 16, 2010

Domestic Day 1

I say "1" because this will be only the first of many, many, many domestic days Chris and I have in our future.

To say we are proud homeowners would be a gross understatement.

Upon driving up our driveway and opening the garage door for the first time we both just looked at each other and grinned from ear to ear with home owner satisfaction.

We both find it incredibly rewarding that we have our own garage to pull into.

Maybe it's oh so much sweeter after living next door to potheads for a year, undrinkable water and no a/c for a year, and 29 years of dorms, parents and friends houses and a myriad of other shelters not even worth mentioning here.

The first stop on Domestic Day 1 was Elliott's Hardware. Chris and I both question how this store is still in business. It's surrounded by big box stores on all sides.

My hypothesis is - when the big box store doesn't have what you need, Elliott's will.

Case in point - Benjamin Moore pain.

Chris thinks it's the colorful people and customer service.

Either way, we paid a bit more to support the little guy, and made our first major home purchase: a mower.

And not just any mower, a reel mower.

We don't consider ourselves a "green" family per say. We have the compact fluorescents and we recycle, but we don't buy exclusively organic or plan on cloth diapers.

We just liked the idea of low maintenance, no gas, quieter handling and yes, the greener angle.

Next stop, HD.

I've been waiting for about 9 years to have a place of my own to paint and I wasted no time.

Came home -Chris started assembling, I started putting paint samples on the walls.

The end result of Chris's work - more work!

The reel mower in all its glory:

The results of my work will have to wait for another blog.

While Chris may be able to mow the whole yard, I cannot paint the whole house.

We'll be in touch with Domestic Days 2-1,000.

Hope you enjoy watching the first time homeowners (and soon first time parents) bumble and stumble their way through this.

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  1. I'm glad you posted a video of this non-electric mower thing. Never have seen one in action. Gawd you're neighbors are going to love you - no lawn mowers roaring at 6am to beat the heat.