Friday, April 23, 2010

Babies Update - 11 Weeks

I have been looking forward to our Friday Dr.'s appointment for 4 weeks now.

I even moved it up.


I just couldn't wait to check in on these two and make sure they were both still in there, and both still healthy.

The appointment was a success in every sense of the word.

Both babies are still there. They both have very strong heartbeats and are about the size of limes. They are laying on top of each other and ...

Are identical!

That means Mama and Papa Wehkamp will be Sharpie-ing the bottom of one babys foot soon. It also means that whatever gender they are, they will be the same.

The sono below shows each twin seperately. And then Chris with both.

All I can tell you is that in the first sono picture, the baby's head is on the left. The second one I'm not sure on.

For my part, I couldn't believe they are already moving. The Dr.'s office has a large flatscreen TV directly in my line of sight so I could see as their little hands and feet twitched and jutted about.

Maybe that was what Chris was feeling the other night when he put his hand on my belly and told me he felt tapping. He was pretty sure it was morse code for "send in a cheeseburger." (Which of course I was later happy to comply with.)

And I can't believe what a softie I've become. I knew I would be a pretty proud, sappy mom, and I am well on my way.

I don't know how much sentiment you'll be able to handle, but you can be sure I'll be testing your limits.

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