Monday, May 5, 2008

Second Annual Malentine's Day

Anyone that knows Chris and I know that we don't celebrate that day heartfelt day in February. We take time together the first Sat. of every May. We like lower prices and less crowds and the security of knowing that our day is always on a Saturday.

Last Malentine's Day Chris engaged me in marriage.

This Malentine's Day, we engaged ourselves in two high school proms and a wedding reception.

Chris and I drove to Fort Worth Sat. morning and spent the whole afternoon playing at Mayfest. We were a little concerned when we saw all the people there with kids. Was this just for kids? Would adults have fun? Are we adults?

Turns out - it's not just for kids, and no, we're not fully adults.

Chris took his turn riding the mechanical bull and I took a ride down the giant inflatable slide. We saw some very interesting "art" for sale, and some talented musicians playing music.

After leaving Mayfest we checked into the Worthington Hotel.
The valet asked if we were there for the wedding or one of the proms. Chris and I both looked at each other and smiled that knowing smile.

Between the valet, the doorman and the front desk lady, Chris managed to find out the location and times of each of the aforementioned events.

We got dressed, went to dinner, then came back to the hotel ready to party.

Chris and I danced our first dance together at our junior prom, so it only seemed right we dance at another one. It's like coming full circle.

We went to the prom and told the chaperone's our high school love story. They thought it was sweet so they put on our song from 1997 and everyone applauded as we danced under the spotlight on the dance floor.

Then we went to the wedding reception and got to talk to the bride and groom. We told them we loved all their decor and that they had inspired us to include some of their ideas in our upcoming wedding.
The best man actually included us in his toast!
We danced to all the songs and had some cake and thanked the bride and groom for a great time.

Or so it would go in my screenplay.

In reality we went to the prom only to find NO ONE was dancing.

Too shy teenagers.

They were just gossiping in the bathroom and holding up the walls.

Not wanting to be the old people everyone pointed at, we went to prom #2. At prom #2 a full line of policemen blocked our entrance so we moved on to the wedding reception.

We signed the guest book and went inside only to find, everyone was dressed in jeans! It was obvious within seconds we did not belong.
Not only one was dancing.
I made the executive decision to cross the dance floor and watch their wedding video. Maybe get some ideas.
Then a lady dressed in a red polka-dotted "dress" approached us.
"Who are you?"
Chris answered "Chris and Sarah."
" do you know the bride and groom?"
"Oh, we're friends of a friend of a friend."
"Oh, so you know Derek?"
"Yes. We just met a few weeks ago."
May day, May day.

I told Chris I was leaving, hoping he would follow my lead. I turned around to see him still talking to the polka-dot girl.
Not five seconds later I saw her making a gesture at him, and then at the door.

"What did she say?" I asked when he finally got outside.
"She asked me again how I knew the bride and groom."
"And what did you say?"
"I said 'Ohhhhh, the bride and groom?, I don't know them.' Then she told me it was a private party and to leave."

So we went back to the room and fell asleep watching Austin Powers and listening to the giggles of high schoolers running up and down the hallway.

So weird to think that one day one of them might be celebrating their own second annual Malentine's Day.

Especially weird since that would mean Malentine's Day had gone global.

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