Monday, May 26, 2008


Last weekend Chris and I went to the Radiohead concert in Dallas.

Chris thinks it was "quack-tastic".
It was his 3rd Radiohead concert, and the best concert he's seen in years.

I thought the show was fantastic, as was the people-watching.
I got to see my entire closet from 1987 parading around on 17 year-olds. Jellies and boys in skinny jeans...leggings and pink hair.
I'm sure all the kids were wondering why "grandma" was out so late on a school night.

Oh, and the music and lights were awesome.
I really had fun watching the guy 2 rows up stare in awe and wonderment at his water bottle...through 4 songs!
Recreational drugs mayhaps?

I'm glad I have Chris to get me out to these things.

He gets me to Midlake and Radiohead shows.

I get him to Northern Canada and Central Turkey.

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