Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Panic at Purchase

I had to stop by a bridal shop today to get a fabric swatch. While I was there I witnessed a young girl start hyperventilating upon buying her bridal gown.

The sales lady had to sit her down in a chair and fan her with a bridesmaid dress brochure.
"It's okay honey...it happens with your first one. After the fourth, it's all way too easy!"

The first thing that occurred to me was "Why is a three time divorcee selling wedding dresses?"
And then I realized, "because she know A LOT about them!"
This isn't a "Marriage store", it's a dress store. And this lady has had four. She's a dress expert.


Then I thought, "Buying your dress should not equal hyperventilating."
Probably not a good sign that these nuptials are being done of sound mind.

The thought that came to me later was, "maybe she was fainting due to sticker shock."
But I immediately dismissed this due to the fact that she would have seen the price before she decided to buy it, therefore eliminating any panic at the counter.

Nope, buying the dress just made things all too real for this bride. And not a happy real.

I will probably have my gut-check moment, but I don't think having it come at the dress purchase is a good thing.

Also not a good thing - waking up and having to use an empty Grape Nuts cereal box to wipe the 2 inches of snow off your car.

I tried to take a picture, but my hands were frozen and I was running late so you'll just have to use your imagination.

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