Sunday, March 16, 2008

Dilly-Dash Down Greenville

Yesterday started as a very chilly, windy day, but ended full of sunshine, smiles and pancakes.

Chris and I finished (note the lack of the verb ran) our first 5K.

We had the great honor of experiencing the race with both our parents. They are quite the troopers!

Early morning, bus riding, volunteers handing out beer instead of water along the race route, one of the "volunteers" proudly sporting the shirt "I'm STD free", the parents smiled and laughed and we were so happy to have them there.

As Chris notes, we only forgot a couple of things...

Here's our best 5K ever.

7am Dart:

The men-folk:

The Speedo-folk:

Team Wehkamp:

Team Mathis:

Team Mathis/Wehkamp:


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