Monday, February 11, 2008

The Stuff Honeymoons Are Made Of

Well, Friday I came home to a great surprise.
Chris had gone to a travel agent and had laid out on the counter an array of fun honeymoon destinations and ideas.  It was so much fun looking through the pamphlets and dreaming about our upcoming vacation together.
After perusing the materials for awhile, Chris mentioned he had got something else for me while out that afternoon. 
How exciting!  What could it be?!
A new bathing suit for the trip?  A camera accessory?  A new book I could start reading?
It was a bottle of Beano.
One week of living together and Chris felt it was necessary that I discover the benefits of a gas-reducing enzyme supplement.
I think it's fair to say the "honeymoon" period is ending.
But we are now well equipped for the actual honeymoon.
Week one - success.

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